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Who Am I?

I'm a 5'11 Black man with a bald head and noticeable scars.

I have a tattoo of a black fist on my arm; my Muslim name also tatted on my other arm.

I'm in pretty good shape: 217 pounds and a nice face.

I have a BMW, a Mercedes and an old-school restored Monte Carlo.

I'm groomed, and I take pride in my appearance.

I bought my 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom house over 20 years ago.

I'm in my early 40's.

I have my kids names written in Arabic worn as a rosary around my neck.

From the outside looking in I, would be stereotyped as a revolutionary Black man/Muslim/THUG,

and your presumptions would not be wrong, but


I am one of those dying men, killed by someone who looks like me, or who got murdered by the police,

or hanged from that innocent tree.

Who am I?

I am you!!

I am a man,

a man whose life lies in the hands of a system that strangles the strong, and prescribes death to the young in the form of televised propaganda.

Real men stand up.

Our idols are on idle time; they couldn't care less about our fight

they are out of touch and out of sight.

Where's Mike? You kill for his Nikes.

Where are our people who use our people to reach a certain plateau and then elude our people.

Why do we hate who we are?

Why are we afraid to live?

Why do we stand with our hands out waiting for change

when we can create our own economic system and help our own.

What happened to us?

We blame the police.

I blame me cause I look just like you.

We are the real killers.

Let's not forget when we were together

We stuck together as slaves more than we do now.

Why is that?

Who am I! Really!!

I am not asking; I'm taking,

I'm not waiting; I'm moving,

I'm not sorry; I'm confident,

I'm not dying; I'm living.

I'm a THUG.

I'm a husband, father,son, a brother, a man.

Most of all: I'm YOU

and you're ME

We must protect our legacy.


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